What to Consider Before Building a Shipping Container Home

The latest trend in eco-friendly home construction is shipping container homes. These one-of-a-kind dwellings work with used or new cargo containers as their primary building material. And because these containers are plentiful and inexpensive, you can build your own shipping container home for an amazingly low price. Meanwhile, before you decide to build a shipping container home, there are a couple of things you need to consider..


First, you have to acknowledge the fact that a shipping container home is not a traditional house. As obvious as this may be, it is an essential factor to reflect on. Although homes built out of cargo containers look pretty nice at the moment, you may notice that the brilliance vanishes after a couple of years. A house is a long-term investment; therefore you should be confident that you are okay with your potential living condition before you invest your hard-earned money into it. Besides that, carefully consider your space requirements before you begin architectural works. For people with a large family, or perhaps those who want lots of bedrooms, you need multiple cargo containers to have your desired home.


This often involves more work and customization compared to houses that use just one shipping container. Next, analyze the overall costs involved in building a shipping container home. Cargo containers on their own are fairly cheap; however, it requires lots of labor and time to remodel it into a cozy home. You also have to ship the container to your construction site, which could cost more than you imagine. Groundwork also has to be done, which leads to further cost. Before you buy a cargo container for your new house, consult an experienced building contractor who can accurately compute your overall cost. A much better solution is to use the services of a company that focuses on shipping container architecture. By working with a company, you can be certain of what all your costs will be, as you do not need to reconcile quotes from different merchants and builders.

And above all, you must check with local authorities to ensure that your proposed container home complies with all local building regulations. Give focus to building codes that have to do with constructing homes using steel, because this is the possible restriction you will find on these particular houses. Moreover, when you consult your local building office, be sure that you have a specific house plan before you request for approval. If you just say that you would like to build a shipping container home, you could get an instant rejection. However, when you show that you have a definite, workable plan for a house, you are much likely to win over local officials that your proposed construction project is not out of civil code.


Much like all big projects, it is imperative to deliberate on all the complications that can emerge. With adequate pre-planning, you can be sure that your shipping container home project is done right.